Carousel of Colour - Southern NSW Colourbration Alpaca Show 2017

The Carousel of Colour - Colourbration Alpaca Show is the largest alpaca show for the Southern NSW Alpaca Region. It is being held over the last week in May - 27th and 28th.

The show celebrates the wonderful range of colours of alpacas being breed in Australia. The 2017 Carousel of Colour Show will be held at the Goulburn Show Grounds.

The event will showcase over 250 alpacas from across the Southern NSW Region and other states. Breeders travel from as far away as Melbourne and South Australia to show their beautiful alpacas.

The event is also showcasing the wonderful products that can be made with alpaca. The Art and Carft Section of the event demonstrates the wide range of breathtaking handmade products that are made within this region. Some will also be for sale on the day!

If you are interesting in alpacas then the Carousel of Colour is the place to be. It is a great Southern NSW Alpaca Regional Event!!

Welcome to the Southern NSW Alpaca Region

The Southern NSW Alpaca Region is a vibrant and exciting region that stretches from the Southern Highlands to the Victorian border and is part of the Australian Alpaca Association Ltd.

The region encompasses some of Australia’s best fibre growing areas and has a range of alpaca farms from broad-acre studs running hundreds of alpacas to smaller boutique studs and even hobby farms with just two or three alpacas.

The Southern New South Wales Region is one of the largest alpaca regions in Australia with studs breeding both suri and huacaya alpacas.

Australian Alpaca Association Promotional Video

A video for the Australian alpaca industry was launched at the November 2015 National Show and Sale in Sydney.

The video promotes the whole Australian alpaca industry as a maturing niche agribusiness opportunity with a history of more than 25 years in this country. The purpose is to inform and inspire a broad range of stakeholders including consumers, farmers and potential alpaca farmers, confirming that we have an industry producing elite genetics, quality assured Australian alpaca fleece, premium meat and a range of luxury consumer goods. 

To view the video please click on this link:

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